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Clubs will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 

Knitting – will take place one day a week
Sprouts – is a garden club, but also includes other fun activities, such as mosaic.
Homework club – will be offered three days a week and they will help you with your homework.

Science experiments - No one ever knows what to expect from Mr. Danforth. 

Reading – Come relax with Mrs. Gries or Dodie in the library. 

Beginning Cooking Club.  -  Will take place on Wednesdays through December 18th. 
Health Media is a great club for kids after school.  They meet every other week. 

Robotics is one day a week and you need to check with Mr. Getchis.

 JOIN UBOB -   "Have you always wanted to read more Oregon Battle of the Books, but some OBOB seem too difficult or too long to read on your own?  The join UBOB-unofficial Battle of the Books Club! We can read the books and just have our won book club!  Then when OBOB teams compete we will know the answers while sitting in the audience.

Join Mrs. Gries for UBOB!!!!

will continue online: 
Author, Marie Lu will be visiting our school
October 15th 
Book Mark Contest Winners:
These creative students are sharing their designs with printed bookmarkers available in the library. 

Bridgette Bonglamphone, 6th Grade    Bridgette Bonglamphone

Adriana Trejo, 6th Grade  Adriana Trejo

Kaitlyn McNerney, 7th Grade Kaitlyn McNerney

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