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  • Dan Goldman

    November 2017

    Dear Key Communicators,

    My best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving holiday. Last night, three generations of my family sat around the dinner table in Queens, NY, beginning our last meal together after a week of visiting by sharing what we were thankful for. Usually, my wife or I start some of our shared meals with our children with these kinds of prompts, but I was surprised when my mother asked us to share in this way; it’s just not her typical way. I wasn’t, however, all that surprised to listen to my children share what they were thankful for: family, love, food, home. On our way to the airport this morning, it struck me that after a week of being immersed in high-energy New York City, with all its 24-hour-a-day action, art, food, sounds, speed and smells, that it’s the basics - safety, security, food, shelter - that my kids need and desire the most. Not the presents, the museums, the technology, the restaurants, etc. Even kids know that without their basic needs being met, the other stuff just doesn’t matter - and the other goals and aspirations we have for our children (self-determination, positive relationships, critical thinking skills, financial success/independence, etc.) will be either out-of-reach, or much harder to achieve.

    As I write this message to you, I want to thank you – the adults in our community - for working, volunteering and caring about the safety and security of our community’s children. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor and theologian who was executed for resisting the Nazis, is quoted as saying, “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.” When I reflect on the conscientious and professional work of the adults in our school district, the sheer number of caring volunteers in our schools, the willingness of the vast majority of the residents of Hood River County that vote to support our schools and engage in the political process on behalf of our youth, and the unwavering partnership between service organizations (such as Rotary, Lions and Elks) and our public schools – I believe our local “society” will continue to be evaluated with words like resourceful, compassionate, connected, effective and engaged.

    Apologies in advance for the long Key Communicator Bulletin below. Because of the challenging start to our school year – fires, construction projects, and all the related operational issues – I haven’t been able to provide these updates as regularly as I would have hoped. My goal for next time will be sooner... and shorter!

    My very best to you throughout this holiday season and may we continue to work together to create the Hood River, the Oregon, the nation and world we wish for our children’s futures.


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  • 11-13-2017 - Copperwest, Celilo and the Hood River County Education Foundation Step Up to Support Cascade Locks Children and Families

    Copperwest Properties, Celilo Restaurant and the Hood River County Education Foundation have joined forces to ensure that after-school programs at Cascade Locks Elementary School are expanded to include more students. The school district has been running the after-school “Excel Program” since 2013, but recently sustained a 50% reduction in federal funding for the program. This has resulted in serving fewer students and more limited programming. 

    Maui Meyer, one of the three Partners at Celilo Restaurant and Catering and Copperwest Properties, explains, “We want to do whatever we can to help our neighbors in Cascade Locks get back on their feet after the Eagle Creek Fire. Quality after-school programs for students means parents can get back to work knowing their children are well cared for and safe.” The families of Celilo Restaurant and Catering and Copperwest Properties’ contribution of $3,500 was matched by the Hood River County Education Foundation (HRCEF).

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  • 11-01-17 - No Fee November - Be A Sub

    NoFeeNovP1 NoFeeNovP2

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