The Extended Application is a project that each student who graduates from a high school in Oregon is required to complete.  It is based on the principles of contextual teaching and learning.  The goal of an Extended Application is to have each student engage in a significant learning experience that will enable them to connect their current academic program to their context in real life situations.  The following are the required elements of an Extended Application:


    1.      Project Information (Project Title, Career Interest, Career Learning Area)

    2.      Essential Questions (Introduces the topic of the EA Project)

    3.      Project Proposal (What, How, Why)

    4.      Work Plan and Journal (Plan Activities and Document Accomplishments)

    5.      Reflective Essay (Culmination)

    6.      Project Abstract (Overview of Accomplishments)

    The Extended Application is completed and documented in each student’s CIS Portfolio.  Students may access this on the home page of the Oregon CIS website by clicking on "My CRLE Planner" in the lower right hand of the page.  The CIS Planner has very thorough descriptions of each required element and how to complete them.


    Extended Applications are developed in a number of ways and through a variety of approaches.  Projects can be chosen from a variety of interests such as a career interest, a community concern or a subject one is passionate about.  Collaborative projects are acceptable if each student submits his/her own work and describes his/her role in the collaborative effort.


    Each student must present an abstract of their final Extended Application to a panel of judges who will score the project based on relevance, rigor and reflection. 



Last Modified on May 17, 2010