• elearning Online learning is changing the face of education and providing students with expanded learning options. Web-learning allows for educators to provide individualized attention to each student with its ability to personalize instruction. With personalized web-learning, students are able to learn at their pace and with their own unique learning style on a flexible schedule. 
    The Successful Online Student - Developing Skills for Life:  
    1. Self-Motivated: Since online students do not see a teacher on a daily basis, they need to be able to motivate themselves to work on their assignments without an adult telling them to stay on task. Learning coordinators can work with students to develop these self-management skills.
    2. Dedicated: Students who are successful are able and willing to dedicate around 4-6 hours each day to their school work. Setting goals and short-term steps is an important skill that will be addressed in weekly meetings with a learning coordinator.
    3. Supported: Students need to have a support system for getting help and successful students have an adult who is directly involved with their online education on a regular basis. Learning coordinators can work with families to help set up efficient work areas and schedules.
    4. Good Reading Skills: The Acellus curriculum content is delivered through online video learning format that focuses on learning competencies.  Instruction will be personalized and will account for student's personal learning needs to meet established competencies. Learning coordinators will monitor and support this process by deploying instruction that is effective and efficient to meet the student's individual learning needs.
    5. Good Problem Solvers: When students run into problems, they research answers on their own.  When they cannot solve a problem individually, students are able to ask for help via email, phone or at their required weekly meetings with their learning coordinator.  Many students find asking for help easier in this environment without thirty other students judging their questions.
    6. Flexible: As with any technology based program, sometimes students run into glitches.  When they find links that do not work or cannot open a file sent to them by their learning coordinator, students are able to take these challenges in stride and work with their coordinator to resolve issues. 
    Source: Acellus (https://www.acellus.com/); TTOA (http://ttoa.ttsdschools.org/pages/Tigard_Tualatin_Online_Academy)