•  •Ms. Bull•

    Agricultural Science & Technology Instructor 

    Hood River Valley FFA Advisor 



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    Student/ Family/ Parent Officer Hours Everyday 9:15am-9:45am 

    Google Meets Link  https://meet.google.com/ubz-whix-ywp

      Quarters 1/ 3    

    11:30am- 11:55am- Eagle Learnng Community 

    11:55am-12:40pm (1st Period)- Principles of Agriculture             

    12:45pm- 1:30pm (2nd Period) - Prep

    1:35pm-2:20pm (3rd Period)- Food Sceince and Safety 

    2:25- 3:10 (4th Period)- Horticulture/Floricuture   


    Quarters 2/4 

    11:30- 11:30am- Eage Learnng Community

    11:55am-12:40pm (5th Period)- Horticulture/ Floricuture       

    12:45pm- 1:30pm (6th Period) - Prep

    1:35pm-2:20pm (7th Period)- Animal Science 

    2:25- 3:10 (8th Period)- Animal Science

        Dairy Cows