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Degrees and Certifications:

BA - Goshen College - K-12 PE/Health MAT - Lewis and Clark College - Social Studies PhD - School of Hard Knocks - Life skills 😁

Ms. Miller

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2023-24 will be my fourth year at the HROA and my 44th year as a teacher.  I started my career on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona for 19 years, and I have worked for the Hood River District since 1999. I have been in the classroom with 6000 or so students during those years who were trying to earn an education. Most were successful, some were not, but the common thread through all the success stories is the idea of persistence and being willing to work for what you wantBy choosing HROA, you have the advantage of many resources and people on your side to help make amazing things possible for you and your future.  I want to help you use those advantages to achieve your goals.  I am excited to be a part of the community at HROA, and I know good things are going to happen for all of us this year.