WRITING 121                                                                                                                                      Fall 2017


    This schedule is for the first month or so, during which we will be working mostly on college preparation. This is a tentative course schedule. You are responsible for changes made to this schedule announced in class.  An asterisk * and italics indicate homework to be completed for the next class period.



    A/B Days

    7/8       Syllabus & intro. Textbooks and credit.  Introduction of students.  ’17 Advice.  Diagnostic.  College vs. high school essay. Go over grading standards. Sample essays. College Etiquette.

    *Read “Articulation” (handout).


    11/12   Discuss “Articulation.” Asking for Letters. Sample essay. College terms & overview. Deep breath. Start Sr. Year Inventory. Start Assignments 1-7:  1) Update Naviance; 2) Group grading of essays; 3) Resume; 4) College Application; 5) Letter of Rec sheet for teachers on Naviance; 6) College catalog WS; 7) Update and print CIS Activity Chart. Start portfolio conferences     

    *Read “No Loans: How to Graduate from College Debt-free” (handout). Laptops ok next class. Bring names and phone numbers of 3 references (not relatives). TALK to your parents.


    13/14   14th: Counselors in. Portfolio conferences. Complete assignments 1-8 during conferences.


    15/18   15th: Counselors in. Portfolio Conferences. Summary/response instructions.

    *Read article on college admissions (handout). Summary/Response due next class.


    19/20   DOL, Set 1, Day 1.  Assignments 1-8 due. Summary/Response due. ASSIGN: College Admissions Essay. Review “Admissions Essay” handout. Read examples. Letters of Recommendation.


    21/22   DOL.  CAE: More examples. Narrative writing. Introductions. Common Errors.  Practice.

                *Draft your CAE.


    25/26   DOL. Common Errors quiz. Weekly scheduling activity.

                *Draft your CAE.


    27/28   DOL. PEER REVIEW: College Admissions Essay. Two, typed, full-length drafts due in class.

                *Revise your CAE.


    29/02   DOL. End of unit summary.

    *Read pages 1-20 in Signs of Life.


    03/04   DOL Quiz. Final College Admissions Essay due.  Finish summary. Discuss Intro to Signs of Life and pop culture. Practice semiotic analysis.

                *Read pages 71-79 in Signs of Life: “Consuming Passions: The Culture of American Consumption.”