• Wy'east Counseling Program...

    The purpose of Wy'east Guidance and Counseling Program, in accordance to OAR 581-022-1510, is to provide a coordinated program that assists students to:
    • Develop decision making skills
    • Obtain information about self
    • Understand the educational opportunities and alternatives available to them
    • Establish tentative career and educational goals
    • Accept increasing responsibility for their own actions
    • Develop skills in interpersonal relations
    • Utilize school and community resources

    The four student development domains used in Oregon’s Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework are:

    • Learning to Learn (Academics)
    • Learning to Work (Career)
    • Learning to Live (Personal/Social)
    • Learning to Contribute (Community)

    The aim of the program is achieved by implementing a variety of measures including:

    • Guidance Curriculum:  This is an instructional program that is developmental, preventative and proactive. It will focus on student development in the four program domains: academic, career, personal/social and community involvement.
    • Individual Planning:  These activities assist each student in setting and achieving academic, career, personal/social goals and pursuing community involvement and post high school plans.
    • Responsive Services:  The purpose of responsive services are to collaborate with and intervene on behalf of each student whose immediate needs, concerns or problems are distracting or impeding his or her academic, career, or personal/social development or community involvement.
    • System Support and Integration:  System support and integration activities require the guidance and counseling program staff members to contribute their knowledge and skills in promoting the program throughout the school and overseeing program content.
    • Student Advocacy:  Student advocacy ensures that each and every student receives equitable access and opportunities through accommodations, modifications, special assistance or any other support services required for him or her to participate and succeed in school programs and successfully transition from school to adult life.
    Getting Help

    Counseling services are available to all students.  Students may come directly to the counselor, or be referred by school staff or parents.

    Students needing help can drop by the counseling office and request an appointment. The counselor will arrange for the student to be excused from class when necessary. When serious problems come up unexpectedly, most teachers will give the student permission to see Ms. Hooper or Ms. Harris in the counseling office at short notice.

    Often teachers will refer a student to the counselor when they see problems developing. This is an effort to prevent problems from turning into disciplinary situations. The purpose is to achieve an amicable resolution and to insure that all students have a safe, secure, positive school experience.

    Parents are also encouraged to contact the counselor when they become aware of difficulties. Parents can contact
    Ayme Hooper A-K, 541-354-1548, ext. 4856,  or by email: ayme.hooper@hoodriver.k12.or.us.
    Stephanie Harris L-Z 541-354-1548, ext 4868 or by email: stephanie.harris@hoodriver.k12.or.us
    Special Services

    In addition to the help of the school counselor, there are several other counseling resources available through the school. They include:


    • The county nurse. She visits Wy'east once per week.
    • Counselors from Next Door Inc. are available to students primarily on substance abuse issues.

    The school counselor may refer parents and students to these resources when appropriate. If parents or students wish to request these services, appointments can be arranged through Ms. Hooper and Ms. Harris' office, or through the school office.

    In addition, parenting classes are offered through Wy'east in association with Next Door Inc. Parents experiencing difficulties in their relationship with their children are encouraged to take advantage of the help this program can provide.