• Name:Rachel Harry she/her
    Subject:Theatre Arts
    Phone:541-386-4500 ext. 4612

    Meet with me during office hours - 9:15-9:45 am (if this is not convenient email me and we can set up a time). 

     Click on this link.  https://meet.google.com/aha-crfx-kym


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    Welcome to my home page! I am excited to have this venue to communicate to all my students and parents. We have pushed the musical back to the spring in the hopes we can do a live streaming performance by then, fingers crossed. I am auditioning students right now for possible Stay At Home productions. The play "Clue" is a strong contender but we will see what the audition results tell us. Normally I have a schedule that is at least one year out, but we have to adjust and explore new possiblitiles. Artists need to perform, and I need to create. We will find projects that work for everyone. 

    Some dates to look forward to-
    Fall Production - Streaming version in January of the hilarious Clue. 
    Phoenix Theatre - Children shows online

    Spring Production - Feb.28 - March 15- Something Rotten the Musical
    Student Production - To include Radio Plays and online streaming of Student Directed One Acts Festival
    Phoenix Theatre will also have numerous performances at all the elementary schools as well as festivals and market appearances. This year that might look like video performances. This will be exciting as I am exploring green screen techniques and special effects for these performers.

    Please note you can earn college credit through the Dual Enrollment program offered through Columbia Gorge Community College. Dual enrollment is a terrific way to earn college credit while still at the high school. Students in Theatre III/IV (T.A. 141), Phoenix Theatre (or perform in the musical or winter play (speaking part only T.A. 180A) have this opportunity.  Please see me if you have questions.