• Name / Nombre:  Amalia Shaner
    Grade/Grado:  Kindergarten
    Phone / Teléfono: 386-1535  ext. # 4734


    Week of September 17th:

    Thank you to those who were able to attend our Westside Open house Tuesday evening.  I enjoyed visiting with you all!. It seems kids are still having a hard time at drop off.  Please know that once they settle in they are just fine. If you are wondering what you can do to make a smoother transition are some suggestions.


    • alternate who drops off
    • send them on the bus
    • drop off at the door in front of the school
    • drop off earlier so they have time to play before coming to class (but don’t stay with them)


    Please know these are only suggestions.  However, please consider changes in the routine.  Starting the day upset is not the best way to start the day and can often affect the other kids as well.  


    This week’s specials schedule: 

    Monday ~ Music (1 hour late start)

    Tuesday ~ P.E.

    Wednesday ~ Library (book check out day)

    Thursday ~ Music

    Friday ~ P.E.


    Further Information:

    Westside Wildcat ~ A Wildcat award winner will be selected from my room every week starting this week.  The Wildcat is someone who is exhibits what it means to be a great Westside Wildcat. They are always being safe, respectful, and responsible.  They can also earn it by showing improved: behavior, class work, and exceptional effort. Friday Mornings Mr. Newton will make an announcement and ask for all the Wildcats chosen from each class to go to the office where they will receive a special pencil and have their picture taken.  The group picture is then displayed in the hallway on the way to the cafeteria. My first Wildcat I have chosen is Alejandro! He is always being safe, respectful and responsible. Keep it up Alejandro!!



    Fall pictures ~ On Wednesday, September 19th, we will be taking fall pictures.  If you are planning on ordering pictures your child will need to have a completed order form the day we take pictures.


    Book Orders ~ Next week I will be sending home the first of many Scholastic Book orders.  I hope you can take this opportunity to order books to enhance your home library.  The book orders are due on Friday, September 28th.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.  If you prefer ordering online you can go to:



    Enter my teacher activation code: DXYCL


    Once you’ve placed your order I will get an email that an order has been placed.  After I place the class order you order will automatically be added to mine. All the books will be shipped to the school.  


    Homework  ~ I was excited to see that many of the kids began the year knowing how to write their name.  They will continue to practice writing their name, but now focusing on proper letter formation and use of capitals.  As they progress they will eventually move into writing both their first and last name until they can do both without difficulty then they will "graduate" from having to do this daily activity. To help them along I have been sending home an attached “Homework Practice” sheet to their work.. Thank you to those who have been helping their child work on them at home.  I can already tell the difference!


    Volunteers ~ I will be working on the October volunteer calendar this coming week.  As soon as I have a draft I will email it out to all of you for a final check.  Thank you again for your willingness to come and work with the kids.   If you are interesting in volunteering please email.


    Upcoming Events:

    September 17th ~ Gorge Triathlon, 10:00 @HR Waterfront Park

    September 28th ~ Book Orders are due

    October 10th ~ National Walk & Bike to School Day

    October 15th-18th ~ Scholastic Book Fair

    November 4th ~ Daylight Savings Time ends

    November 13th & 15th ~ Fall Conferences


    Have a great week!

    Mrs. Shaner