• Name / Nombre:  Amalia Shaner
    Grade/Grado:  Kindergarten
    Phone / Teléfono: 386-1535  ext. # 4734


    January, 15th

    We had another great week! Thank you for your ongoing support.

    Just a reminder, Monday is an observed holiday, we will not have school.  If your child has a scheduled one-on-one on Monday, we will meet again the following Monday, January 25th.

    Weekend Homework:

    Seesaw ~

    This week our Essential Question was “Who are your neighbors?”. I love to hear the kids have great neighbors and fun neighborhoods!

    Next week our Essential Question will be “How can people help to make your community better?”.  I will be asking students to tell me what they can do to help make their community better. 

    Further Information:

    Westside Wildcat of the week ~ The Wildcat award winner this week is Isabella. Isabella has reached her counting goal! Great job Isabella, keep it up!


    Word of the week ~ We will be reviewing the high frequency we have learned up to this point.

    Letter of the week ~ We will be reviewing the letters we have learned up to this point.

    No School ~ The following days will be non-school days:

    January 29th, No School, schedule Emergency Make-up day

    February 1st, Teacher in-service day.

    Thank you,

    Amalia Shaner