• Ms. Lee    

    "These children and their parents know that getting an education is not only their right, but a passport to a better future - for the children and for the country." 
    -- Harry Belafonte

     "Estos niños y sus padres saben que obtener una educación es no sólo el derecho, sino un pasaporte hacia un futuro mejor - para los niños y para el país."


    - Harry Belafonte


    Name: Tess Misa  
    Subject: Learning Specialist
    Phone:(541) 354-1548 ext 4818  
    Classroom: Room 15, 16, 17, 18
    Our program focuses on supporting students at Wy'east in increasing their personal achievement through developing academic and functional skills. Students are given specially designed curriculum to best support their success in and outside of the classroom. Please feel free to call or email me with any comments, questions, or concerns. 
    If you click on the Assignment Link you will see many educational websites that your student can work on at home to help continue and reinforce their learning at school.  
    If you click on the Syllabus Link you will see a detailed overview of the services that the SLC provides to Middle School students in the Hood River School District.   (Provided in both Spanish and English)