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     Borton Availability:

    In HROA building: Wednesday 8 am-3pm and Fridays 10:30 am - 3 pm 

    Via Text and email- Just about any time.

    Google meets: many options on Calendly


    Due Dates: 

    Schools PLP: Follow pacing in the program. Make sure to keep making adequite progress each day. 

    Acellus: Course Pacing Guide

     These are based on Step # 

    step number

    Pacing guide




    MUST BE DONE IN PERSON AT HROA THIS YEAR. Contact me with questions.


    Special lessons:

    These are 40% of grade.  There will only be about 3 per term.  Reach out for help at any time.  These are all due 2 weeks before the end of quarter. 


    Google classroom

    A great place to get help, find reference material, get examples on special lessons, find help on specific problems, etc. 


    Algebra 1: join code eckgrgp                      Integrated 1: join code 46wgfee 

    Geometry: Join code  fcpkacl                        Integrated 2: join code  zrb7e4p 

    Algebra 2: join code nevpjg3                       Integrated 3: join code  

    PreCalc: join code ngiiezl    



    Our new mode of texting with eachother.  Please take advantage of this resource.


    Reference sheets

    These will be posted in google classroom for you to use on lessons, quizzes, and tests.


    Attendance: Taken daily through Acellus and PLP 


    Recovery mode: Only for unique situations