• ALL Midterm and Final exams MUST be proctored in person at the HROA building, and you MUST have your notes completed and with you when you come in. If I am not in the building when you come for an exam please ask another staff member to proctor for you.  You can use the notes you took as you take an exam, but you MAY NOT USE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS YOU HAVE COPIED FROM UNIT TESTS OR LESSON QUIZZES.  There are blank copies of note-taking pages available on my desk at HROA, and there is a copy you can download and print to the right.  Please take notes while you watch the videos, don't just let the video run while you do something else.  TAKE NOTES!

    There may be rare situations where students need to take an exam outside of the HROA building.  If this is the case for you please email or phone me and be ready to explain the circumstances involved.  If you have a valid reason we can try to make other arrangements.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.