• Allergy Information

    The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) states that federal regulations require Child Nutrition Programs Sponsors to offer to all participants’ breakfasts, lunches, suppers, snacks, and milk that meet the meal requirements identified in the individual program regulations. Federal regulations further require Sponsors to make substitutions to the standard meal requirements for participants who are considered disabled and whose disability restricts their diet. A Sponsor may, at its discretion, make substitutions for individual participants who are not "disabled persons" but are unable to consume a food item because of medical or other special dietary needs. Below are forms, resources, and guidance to be used for special dietary needs.

    For more information, please visit the ODE website

    Medical Statement - Accommodate Disabilities (English)

    Medical Statement - Accommodate Disabilities (Spanish) 

    For more information, please contact Heidi Benson, Heidi.benson@hoodriver.k12.or.us.