• dDoes the college that you are applying to require a School Counselor Letter of Recommendation or a Letter of Evaluation?

    If the answer is YES!  Please complete the Senior Brag Sheet for Ms. Phillips , download as a pdf and email to Ms. Phillips

    dDoes the college also require one or more Classroom Teacher Letter(s) of Recommendation? Please read all of the information below and follow the directions.

    You should ask someone who teaches a core subject (English, math, science, social studies), who taught you recently (junior year is prime) and who knows you well and actually likes you. If you can’t find one person who fits all of those things, this is what you should prioritize:

    1. Someone who knows you well and actually likes you

    2. Someone who taught you recently

    3. Someone who teaches a core subject*

    *Important note: Some colleges require or recommend that students submit recommendations from teachers in certain subject areas. Be sure you double check that.

    Overall, think of it this way—it won’t help the college get to know you if your recommender doesn’t know you.

    What if I need two (or three!) teachers?

    Pick teachers who can highlight separate strengths. For example, your band teacher knows things about you that your English teacher doesn’t, and vice versa. Having said this, I wouldn’t recommend picking teachers who teach electives for your main letter of rec (with exceptions like your music teacher for music school and art teacher for art school) as colleges are most interested in how well you’re doing and will do in academic subjects.


    1. Actually ask.

      Don’t just add your teacher’s name to your college application.

    2. Ask in advance.

      Three weeks before the application deadline should be your minimum.

    3. Ask in person.

      An email ask should be a last resort. Be bold, young grasshopper! If you or they have moved, and asking in person isn’t possible, opt for the phone call first, email second, text never.

    4. Don’t group-ask the teacher.

      Make sure you ask one-on-one.

    5. Prepare to return in kind.

      The more you ask of a teacher, the more you should plan to give them in return. These rec letters—especially the good ones—can take three hours to write. And the thing is, teachers don’t have to write these letters. They don’t get paid for them. They do them out of kindness and care on top of their other work. At the very least, plan to write thank-you notes.

    If the answer is YES!  Please complete the Senior Brag Sheet for my Classroom Teacher, download as a pdf and email to the teacher.

    dPlease have your parent or guardian complete this Parent/Guardian Brag Sheet for Ms. Phillips, download as a pdf and email to Ms. Phillips