iPad Features

  • These videos demonstrate how to configure the accessibility features on an iPad and how to use them in different apps.

    • Speech to Text (Dictation)
      Use this feature when a student has difficulty typing, spelling, or is experiencing a roadblock to writing

    • Text to Speech (Spoken Content)
      Use this feature when a student has difficulty accessing the text due to fatigue, a language barrier, an environmental barrier (eg. reading in a car) or a reading deficit.
    • Keyboards
      Learn how to configure add a keyboard in a second language, how to enable word prediction, and how to use keystroke commands.

    • Zoom
      Enlarge areas of the iPad for better visual access.

    • Safari Reader
      Reduce the clutter on a webpage for easier viewing. This also improves the use of the speech controller.

    • Screentime
      Limit the time and apps that a student uses on an iPad.

    • Other Features
      Learn how to:
      • restrict access on the iPad with Guided Access and Screentime
      • convert youtube captions into Spanish
      • translate Big Ideas into Spanish
      • share and iPad with Google Meet