Text to Speech (Spoken Content)


    Text to Speech (spoken content) is a feature built into the iPad. Students can use this feature anywhere they can select text.


    Speak Selection and Speak Screen

    1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Spoken Content
    2. Enable "Speak Selection"
    3. Enable "Speak Screen"
    4. Turn on Highlight Content and set Sentence Highlight Style to Background Color
    5. Choose a voice.
    6. To use Speak Selection, open an app, select the text, and click the "speak" button.
      An example of highlighted text and the options available including "speak"

    7. To use Speak Screen, open an app, and swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to enable the controller. The controller will read the entire screen and enable the user to change the speed.
      Image of the speech controller

    8. To use Speak on Touch, tap the hand icon, Speak on Touch - Icon of Hand with pointed index finger. The iPad will read the text under the user's finger as it slides around the screen. Speak on Touch stops working once the user has moved their finger off the screen.



    • Speech Controller does not stop talking when you leave a web page.
      • In this case, you must turn it off in settings and re-enable it; occasionally you need to reboot the iPad.

    • Text to Speech doesn't work in Google Docs when using a browser. There are a couple of workarounds. See videos below
      1. Use the Google Doc app. Contact the Helpdesk to have it pushed onto your iPad. This will change the behavior of Google Classroom.
      2. Download the document as a PDF. Note, you will not be able to annotate the document, but you can listen to it.
      3. Save the document as a Word doc and open it in Pages. After editing, export it as a Word doc and load it back into Google.


    Set up Text to Speech (Spoken Content) on an iPad

    Using Text to Speech (Spoken Content) with a Browser

    Using Text to Speech with Newsela

    Using Text to Speech with i-Ready

    Using the Speech Controller with Acellus

    Using Safari Reader

    Download the Google Doc as a PDF

    Using Pages to listen and edit text