• The iPad can support different keyboards for different languages. Not only will this aid the use in typing in different languages, it will also signal to the iPad which language to use during Speech to Text (Dictation). The iPad provides built-in word prediction.


    • Keyboard Shortcuts - These shortcuts will speed up your typing & generally work across all platforms.
      • Command+A Select all
      • Command+C Copies selected items
      • Command+X Cuts the selected items
      • Command+V Pastes items from the Clipboard
      • Command+F Displays the Find dialog
      • Command+N New Tab
      • Command+S Save
      • Command+Y Redo an Undo
      • Command+Z Undoes the last action (if possible)
      • Command+Space Opens the Spotlight menu
      • Command+ + Zoom In
      • Command+ - Zoom Out
      • Command Hold the command key to get help on other options
    • Google Docs Keystroke Commands


    Word Prediction

    1. Go to Settings -> General -> Predictive (enable it)

    Additional Keyboard

    1. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard
    2. Click on a language
    3. To use it, hold down the keyboard icon on the virtual keypad (Keyboard Icon)



    Add a second keyboard language on an iPad

    Word Prediction and other Keyboard Functionality