• Enlarge areas of the iPad for better visual access.

    ResourcesPoster of Zoom features


    Enable Zoom

    1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut Tap “Zoom”

    Enable Full Screen

    1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> Zoom Region Tap “Full Screen Zoom”

    Enable the Zoom Controller

    1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Zoom -> Zoom Controller
    2. Show Controller: Turn On
    3. Single Tap: Show Menu
    4. Double Tap: Zoom In/Out
    5. Triple Tap: Speak on Touch (point to text and have it read out loud)
    6. Adjust Zoom Level: Turn On

    Zoom In/Out Full Screen

    1. To turn Zoom on - Triple click the Home button.
    2. Zoom In - Double tap with 3 fingers.
    3. Zoom Out - Double tap with 3 fingers.
    4. Move the screen - Drag 3 fingers around the screen

    Zoom Controller

    1. Look for the Zoom Controller at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    2. Zoom Menu - Tap 1 time.
    3. Zoom In/Out - Double tap.
    4. Speak on Touch - Triple tap; drag finger over text to have it read out loud.

    Zoom In/Out - Window

    1. Open Zoom Menu
    2. Tap “Choose Region”
    3. Tap “Window Zoom”
    4. Tap “Resize Lens” to change the size of window. Adjust with white circles (see image).
    5. Move window by dragging edge of window OR sliding finger across the controller and moving like a joystick.