Other Features

  • The iPad supports many features that teachers and parents may find helpful.

    • Guided Access can lock the iPad on a single app. This is especially helpful with communication devices.
    • Screentime can limit the number of apps available to a student and restrict the usage per day. This can be helpful especially in the evening to limit a student's access to the device.
    • Safari Reader can reduce the clutter on a web page which will make the speech controller more usable.
    • Text Replacement can simplify typing requirements for common words or phrases (eg. an email address)
    • Learn how to translate Big Ideas and Youtube closed captioning into Spanish




    Guided Access - Lock the iPad onto an App

    Screentime - Limit the time and apps a student uses on an iPad

    Safari Reader - Remove ads and other clutter from a web page

    Text Replacement - Use it to save simplify typing (eg. shorten an email address)

    Youtube - Translate closed captions into spanish

    Translate a Big Ideas quiz into spanish

    Live Captions (Beta) configuration screen with an example of the live captions window

    Live captions (Beta) enables the iPad to capture captions in real-time.


    Settings -> Accessibility -> Live Captions (Beta)