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    Speak the Speech LogoSpeak the Speech 

    Text and high-quality audio versions of Shakespeare's plays performed by a Portland, OR company!


    Gutenberg.OrgProject Gutenberg Logo

    Free public domain books including audiobooks.



    BARD - National Library of CongressBARD Logo

    To learn more about accessing books through the BARD app, contact your student's case manager.




    An online site that offers audio versions of text for students learning the English language. The audio has two speeds and is read by professional readers. The text is not highlighted while the audio is read.



    There is no login. The best way to search for a book is to use google. For example, to search for “Where the Red Fern Grows”, enter the following in the Google search bar:  

    Site:esl-bits.net “Where the Red Fern Grows”


    LibriVox.netLibriVox Logo

    Free audiobooks read by humans. Download an MP3 and use iTunes to play.


    Learn Out LouLearn Out Loud Logod

    This publisher page features all the audiobooks, podcasts, and free audio downloads they've published directly at LearnOutLoud.com. They've published a wide array of audiobooks with professional narrators to fit each specific text. We also feature free downloads of U.S. historical documents, Wikipedia articles, and much more. We hope you enjoy these titles and we plan to publish many more in the future. All audioBooks that we have published over the years are now Free!