Safari Reader

  • Safari Reader can reduce the clutter on a web page. Not only can it improve the quality of the reading experience, but it will also make the speech controller more usable and printing will be clearer.


    To display the main page content stripped of ads and extra content, click on the reader icon () in the URL address space. This feature is only available in Safari and not available on all website pages.

     Image shows the location of the AA icon in the URL bar

    Change the font, font size, and background color by clicking on the font icon (). This feature is very helpful when printing out web pages. It is only available on pages with clear content (a single article.)

    Show where to change the font size, font type, and background color

    Without Safari Reader

    With Safari Reader

    Displays a webpage with lots of advertising surrounding the main article

    Displays a webpage with just the main content, all advertising has been removed.



    Safari Reader - Remove ads and other clutter from a web page