• LogoThe Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library providing access to public domain books. The group also has a large digitization project, meaning many of their books are compatible with apps such as Capti or Voice Dream.


    Create an account with a valid email address. Users can check out books for 14 days.


    These books don’t have great vetting and may have mistakes in digitization. That being said they are still a good way for students to have access to an audio format. There are several ways to access the books and these options may not be available for all books.

    1. Browser
      After checking out a book, students can read and listen to a book through their browser. Click the speaker on the lower right corner for access to a human voice. Text is highlighted
    2. Books
      Download the ePub book and open it in “Books”. The student can optionally use the screen reader to listen to the text. Text may be highlighted.
    3. Capti/Voice Dream

    Download the DAISY version and open it in Capti or Voice Dream to listen to the document. Text is highlighted



    Access a book in