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    The VoiceDream Reader will speak almost all texts including digital books from Bookshare, Gutenburg, PDFs, and more.


    Managing Voices

    1. From the Home page, click on the gear icon ()
    2. .Manage Books Interface with gear/settings icon highlighted


    1. Click on “Manage My Voices.”
    2. Select your preferred voice.
    3. Click on the Information icon () to learn more about a voice.
      Manage my voices interface

    4. Configure the voice to meet your needs; use the blank box at the bottom of the popup to enter sample text.
      1. Speed - How fast they speak.
      2. Pitch - How high or low the voice sounds.
      3. Volume - Default volume, you can also use the standard iPad volume controls to change the loudness.
    5. Click the “Set Preferred” link to set the voice as your default.

      Set voice preferences

    To Listen

    1. From the “Home” screen, click on the book to open the “Reader” page.

    Main reader overview image


    1. Use the following gestures to navigate the page.
    • 1-finger tap - Full Screen/Screen with controls
    • 1-finger double-tap - Move cursor
    • 2-finger double-tap - Pause/Play
    • Hold the  button (Navigation Unit Icon (P with arrow circling around)) to change navigation units (time, sentence, paragraph, heading, highlight, bookmark)
    • Click Headings icon (Headings select icon) to see Chapters, Bookmarks & Highlights
    • Click Audio Settings icon (Audio Settings icon) to change voice speed and the pause between sentences.
    • Click the Visual Settings icon ( Visual Settings icon)to change the text.
    • 1 - finger swipe from left of screen - View documents in text only (for example, PDF docs)
    • Main Screen
    • Regular View of PDF

      Text view of PDF

    • Text View of PDF
















    Add a new book from Bookshare

    📹  Voice Dream and Bookshare Video