• Requesting a Hood River Valley High School Transcript

    HRVHS|HROA current Juniors and Seniors can obtain a copy of their transcript at any time by signing into SchooLinks. 

    Steps on SchooLinks:

    1. Go to the hrvhs.com website.
    2. Click on SchooLinks in the site shortcuts.
    3. Sign in to SchooLinks and click on School (left side of page).
    4. You will see a box pop-up and you will want to choose "Transcript Requests".
    5. You will have 3 options to obtain your transcript: 1.) Download Unofficial Transcript, 2.) Request in College Applications, or 3.) Not for a College Application.  **Keep in Mind that in Request in College Applications If You Already Have Your Applications Synced that it will Automatically Have It Listed as a Document to Send.**

    All requests for college transcripts MUST be completed through SchooLinks.

    HROA current Freshman and Sophomores should follow the directions above to access their transcript in SchooLinks.

    HRVHS current Freshman and Sophomores can obtain a copy of their transcript at any time by contacting Lucy in the Counseling Office.  Please give Lucy 24 to 48 hours to complete your request. 

    Former HRVHS students/alumni of Classes 2016 to 2019 can request a transcript from the Counselor office by contacting Lucy Marquez, HRVHS registrar, at 541-386-2770.

    Students who attended HROA | Class of 2018-2022 can request a transcript from Mandy Betz, HROA Registrar, 541-387-5032.

    HRVHS Former students/alumni of classes previous to 2016 can request a transcript by completing the HRCSD Transcript Request Form (Preffered Method) or contacting Meghan West at the HRCSD office at 541-387-5013 .