Flyer Review Process

  • Electronic Flyer Delivery

    Schools within Hood River County School District use an electronic flyer communication tool called “Peachjar.” To view school-approved e-flyers, simply click the Peachjar button on your school’s website. You will also receive school emails from Peachjar bringing the flyers right to your device!

    School Flyers Powered by Peachjar

    Distribution Procedures for Community Partners

    Hood River County School District collaborates with community groups and organizations that sponsor activities of an educational/enrichment nature for students by distributing materials electronically to district families.

    To submit a flyer for approval, follow the directions below.

    Review these guidelines

    1. Read the Hood River County School District Flyer Policy here.
    2. Ensure the flyer promotes an activity/opportunity that supports the basic educational mission of the district, directly benefits students, or is of intrinsic value to students and/or families.
    3. Ensure the flyer is submitted in English AND Spanish.
    4. English and Spanish versions should be uploaded as one PDF file with the title in English and Spanish. (example: Soccer Camp/Campamento de fútbol).
    5. Flyer should contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity, and include an accurate date, including year (example:  06/17/22 or June 17, 2022).

    The following disclaimer will be posted with your flyer:

    “The Hood River School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material. The district accepts no liability or responsibility for the program/activity. Spanish translation is not reviewed by district staff. The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service.”

    “El Distrito Escolar de Condado de Hood River no respalda ni patrocina la organización o la actividad representada en este material. El distrito no asume ninguna responsabilidad por el programa/actividad. La traducción al español no es revisada por el personal del distrito. La distribución o exhibición de este material se ofrece como un servicio comunitario.”

    Follow these steps to upload a flyer

    1. Visit
    2. Register as an Enrichment Provider (account type)
    3. Upload your flyer for approval
    4. Continue through the checkout process

    Note: While there is a service fee to utilize the Peachjar tool, it is substantially less than the cost of printing/copying, bundling, and distribution of paper flyers.  In addition, because flyer information is distributed via email and through the school district website, the information shared receives greater exposure. 

    Review these approval steps

    1. Flyers will automatically be submitted to the Hood River County School District administrative office.
    2. Administrative staff will review the materials and approve or deny materials based on the district flyer policies described above.
    3. Approved flyers will be posted to Peachjar on Friday mornings. If you would like your flyer published the week that it is submitted for approval, it must be uploaded on by Thursday at 5pm. As a part of the flyer upload to Peachjar, you are required to request a date you want the flyer to be sent to parents. To be approved by Hood River County School District,  you need to request a Friday as the delivery date.
    4. If your flyer is denied, an explanation is provided and credits will be refunded to your Peachjar account.

    If necessary, you may watch this Peachjar Tutorial.

    Instructions for Schools

    Your school district's Peachjar Site Administrator (Stephanie Hoppe, communications director) can upload flyers to the school's Peachjar account. You can send your flyers to the Site Administrator for uploading.

    If a school is having an event open to the entire community, schools may send e-flyers to the school district office to send to other schools. Send your e-flyer (in English and Spanish) to Stephanie Hoppe ( and specify which schools you wish to receive the flyer.

    All school flyers to be distributed must adhere to the distribution procedures outlined above but do not need to include the disclaimer.