• Requesting a Hood River Valley High School Transcript

    HRVHS | HROA | Class of 2024 Official Transcript to be sent to a college

    • Click on SchooLinks
    • "Log in with Google" and click on the COLLEGES icon (left side of page)
      • you will request a transcript when working through the college application process with your school counselor.
      • please see your see your school counselor if you have any questions.

    HRVHS | HROA | Class of 2025 - 2027 can obtain a copy of their transcript at any time by signing into SchooLinks.

    • Click on SchooLinks 
    • "Log in with Google" and click on the SCHOOL icon (left side of page)
    • A box will pop-up, select "Transcript Requests"
    • You will have 2 options to obtain your transcript:
      • "Get Unofficial Transcript" and click on download
      • "Send an Official Transcript" for a scholarship or NCAA.  You cannot use this option for college admissions.

    HRVHS Alumni | Class of 2021 - 2023 follow the same instructions by logging into their Alumni SchooLinks account to request a transcript.  If you haven't set up an alumni access account, please contact Ruth Martinez, 541-386-2770.

    HRVHS Alumni | Class of 2016 - 2020 request a transcript from HRVHS Registrar, Ruth Martinez, 541-386-2770, Email Mrs. Martinez

    HRVHS Alumni | Prior to 2016, request a transcript by completing the HRCSD Transcript Request Form or contacting Meghan West at 541-387-5013

    HROA Alumni | Class of 2016 - 2023 can request a transcript from HROA Registrar, Mandy Betz,  541-387-5032, Email Mrs. Betz