• Confidentiality Notice

    Dear HRVHS Students,

    Anything that we discuss, whether in person, Google Meet, email, text, on the phone, or otherwise is confidential. That means that we won’t share what we talk about with anyone else.

    However, confidentiality does have limits. There are a few scenarios in which we must break confidentiality:

    1. If you are hurting yourself, have been hurting yourself, or plan to hurt yourself; or
    2. If you are hurting anyone, have been hurting anyone, or plan to hurt anyone; or
    3. If anyone has hurt you, is hurting you, or is planning to hurt you;

    Then we are required, by law, to report the matter to the proper authorities. Depending on the situation, “proper authorities” may include, but are not limited to, school administration, law enforcement, and the Oregon Department of Human Services.

    There are other situations where confidentiality might be limited, such as:

    1. Your parents/guardians might ask to know what we talked about. Parents/guardians have the right to know what goes on with their student at school.
    2. A court order may require me to speak about or provide written information about you if a legal matter involves you.
    3. School staff, such as teachers, may occasionally need to know information about you in order to help you and to do their job effectively.

    In these situations, and any like them, we will still advocate to preserve your confidentiality as much as possible. If confidentiality must be broken, we will do everything in our power to share the absolute minimum amount of information required.

    Your confidentiality is very important to us because it is the foundation of a trusting professional relationship. If you have any questions about confidentiality or its limitations, please contact your school counselor.