• HRCSD Sports Registration

    Hood River County School District Families,
    Sports Registration is open for High and Middle School student athletes.
    We want your student athlete to participate!
    There will be no participation fees charged for your student athletes to participate.
    All physicals are good for 2 years from the date of the last physical.
    You may need to get physical exams scheduled for your student athlete if their existing physical is expired or they have never submitted one.
    Hood River County School District Athletics is using FinalForms for online registration.
    Online Registration:  http://hoodriver-or.finalforms.com
    (Please read and follow steps carefully to be fully registered.) 

    Parent registration

    How do I get started?

    1. Check your email for an ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL from the FinalForms Mailman.

      Once received and opened, click CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT in the email text.

    2. Create your new FinalForms password. Next, click CONFIRM ACCOUNT.

    3. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.

    Note:  Please email hrcsd.athletics@hoodriver.k12.or.us if you have not received an email at the email address that you have on file with the school district.  We will work with you to update the email address we have on record with your account and then resend you and ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL to get you started.

    Registering a student

    What information will I need?

    Basic medical history and health information. Insurance company and policy number. Doctor, dentist, and medical specialist contact information. Hospital preference and contact information.

    How do I register my first student?

    IMPORTANT: If you have already followed the steps for parent registration, you may Jump to Step number 3.

    1. Go to: https://hoodriver-or.finalforms.com

    2. Click LOGIN under the Parent Icon, and login.

    3. Locate and click the INCOMPLETE FORMS button for the student you wish to register.

    4. If your student plans to participate in a sport, activity, or club, then click the checkbox for each. Then, click UPDATE after making your selection. Selections may be changed until the registration deadline.

    5. Complete each form and sign your full name (i.e. ‘Jonathan Smith’) in the parent signature field on each page. After signing each, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.

    6. When all forms are complete, you will see a ‘Forms Finished’ message.

      IMPORTANT: If required by your district, an email will automatically be sent to the email address that you provided for your student that will prompt form your student to sign required forms.

    How do I register additional students?
    Click MY STUDENTS. Then, repeat steps number 3 through number 7 for each additional student.

    How do I update information?
    Login at any time and click UPDATE FORMS to update information for any student.

    Online Registration:  http://hoodriver-or.finalforms.com

    Any questions should be directed to:

    Athletic Director: Tom Ames
    Athletic Secretary: Jessica Lara
    Phone – 541-386-2318