• Meet Our Staff

    Our Curriculum and Instruction department is committed to supporting staff, students, and families throughout the school district to ensure high quality instruction, assessments, and materials to support our school district's vision of ensuring excellence for every student, every day.  

    Amy McConnell - Director, Curriculum and Instruction
    Kate Sherrill - Administrative Assistant/Federal Programs Bookkeeper
    Justin Kamerer - District Assessment Coordinator
    Sarah Hayden - District Instructional Coach
    Mikka Irusta - Mentoring/Design Coach
    Sally Anderson - STEM Bus Coach
    Matthew Gerlick - District Librarian

    Instructional Coaches

    Nathan Smith - Westside Elementary School
    Renee Chamberlain - Hood River Middle School
    Sarah Broadway - Mid Valley Elementary School
    Kate Gordon - Cascade Locks Elementary School
    Shayla Moline - Wy'east Middle School
    Tammi Mosnot - Hood River Valley High School
    Jessica Oberg - Hood River Valley High School
    Ken Talley - May Street Elementary School
    Holly Lavoie - Parkdale Elementary School