• Talented and Gifted (TAG)

    Hood River County School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes and strives to maximize the unique value, academic needs and special talents of each student. Among the groups of children we seek to serve are those who meet the Oregon Department of Education’s definition of Talented and Gifted. It is our goal to identify, challenge and encourage those students by facilitating and/or providing differentiated curriculum and instruction of significant depth and complexity to meet the individual rate and level of learning of each student.

    Plan for Talented and Gifted Education

    Talented and Gifted (TAG) students are an important part of every school community across Oregon. In Oregon, districts and schools must plan for how they will meet the academic and social-emotional needs of TAG students, specific to their local context, and communicate these plans to the students and families they serve. District-level Talented and Gifted Education Plans serve as an integral communication tool to district educators, families, and community partners. Districts are required to submit their TAG plans to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) every year, provide copies upon request to schools within their district, and post a copy on their district website. (OAR 581-022-2500 (2)(a)(A))

    Please review the Hood River County School District's Plan for Talented and Gifted Education