Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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    Classroom Ideas

      • Tips and Tricks

        • Tips and Tricks Poster
          List of Tips and Tricks see below for written description

        • Tips
          • Remember to turn on and mute the FM unit.
          • Face the student while talking
          • Avoid standing in front of windows
          • Repeat directions & student responses
          • Minimize background noise
          • Give extra wait time
          • Use visuals (ex. write important info on the board)
          • Use closed captions on videos
          • Avoid giving important information during transition times
          • Remember to email me with important vocabulary or about upcoming tests

      • Apple IPad Live Captions

        Real-time captions with the iPad
      • Google Captions in the Classroom (Mac)

    Use captions during classroom lectures to provide a visual format for students.

        • Google Captions Video

        • Instructions
          • Open a Google Slide
          • Create a fill out a text box with any text
          • Click Slideshow -> Presenter Video (upper right of screen)
            Snapshot of Slideshow dropdown with presenter view as an option
          • Minimize pop-up window
          • Click the ellipsis (three dots on the bottom left of screen)
          • Snapshot of ellipsis at bottom left of slide screen
          • Click Captions Preferences > Toggle Captions
          • Make the screen as wide as possible, but NOT fullscreen
          • Begin speaking
          • Run other apps/programs in front and above the captions
          • Image of a Mac screen that demonstrates a google caption below the Adobe PDF program.

      • ASL Chrome Extension for Netflix and Disney Plus

        Chrome Extension for ASL 

    Hearing Loss Simulation


      • Oticon Edimic

      • Roger Touchscreen

      • How to use the Roger Touchscreen and Troubleshooting Strategies

      • Instructions

        • Turn on the touchscreen by holding the button on the upper right until the indicator light flashes green.
        • Tap the connect button within 5cm of the ear.
        • Press the bottom button to mute and unmute the device.
          Mute buttone at bottom of Roger touchscreen device
        • Wear the device at the top of your chest, approximately less than 6 inches below your mouth.

      • Troubleshooting

        • I cannot turn on the FM.
          • If the battery is dead, charge the device. Turn off the device when charging. Charge every night.
        • The student cannot hear the teacher or there is feedback.
          • The microphones are covered, make sure the front of the device is facing forward.
        • The student cannot hear the speaker.
          • The device is on "mute" or the receivers are not connected to the FM network.