• Volunteers

    Volunteers are needed for the program. Email Megan Ramey (megan.ramey@hoodriver.k12.or.us) if you are interested in helping. 

    Bike training and walking bus

    Want help starting a bike train or walking bus for your school? Megan will be happy to help you coordinate this program! Or, if you want to volunteer as a train or bus leader, please get in touch.

    Travel counts

    At the beginning and the end of the school year, we will need volunteers to stand outside the school 45 minutes before the start bell, and count the number of students arriving by foot, human-powered wheels and cars.

    School street

    May Street School and potentially others will install a permanent every day school street, which opens streets up for walking and rolling students and restricts through-traffic and drop-off vehicles. We will need someone to move temporary barriers in and out of the street a couple times a day.

    Special days

    A few times a year, we will need volunteers to hand out snacks or rewards to students who walk or roll to school. These include National Walk-Bike to School Day in October, Earth Day and May Bike Month.