• Holiday greetings from your Safe Routes to School manager

    Posted by Stephanie Hoppe on 12/7/2022 7:00:00 AM

    Holiday greetings

    Hello! I am Megan Ramey, the School District’s first Safe Routes to School Manager. I will be working to entice more students and their caregivers to walk and roll to school in the county. My position is funded by a 2 year Oregon Department of Transportation Education grant.

    You will see me biking or walking around town every day of the year. I have a goal of biking or taking the CAT bus to all the schools to host bike rodeos. The outdoors is my open office hours so please say “hi” and chat me up if your kid needs a bike, you need help buying an (e)bike, the safest route for your kids or if there is anything preventing your family from walking or rolling to school. I’m excited to help kids in this county realize walking and rolling freedom, whether they live on a rural road or in the town centers of Cascade Locks, Hood River, Odell or Parkdale.

    This past Friday, my family rode our bikes to the car-free Oak and State to wander the static holiday parade, to see friendly faces and talk to the float operators, especially the WAAAM volunteers and vintage cars. But my personal highlight was having the Grinch sit in my Urban Arrow cargo bike: “his small heart grew three sizes that day.” 

    Sidewalk shoveling, calling all snow angels

    Many students walk to school and our neighbors walk or use mobility devices to get to work, shopping or wherever they need to go. Walking in the winter can be one of the most peaceful and easiest ways to get around…as long as the sidewalks and intersections that we depend on are cleared. It’s our civil duty and obligation by law in the City of Hood River to clear our sidewalks and provide safe passage for the most vulnerable members of our community, our children.

    The City, County, Fire, Police, Parks District and School District own properties with some of the most critical sidewalks in the network and I will be working with them to clear sidewalks in a timely manner and set a good example for our businesses and residents.

    Please offer to help neighbors before rushing to judgment. I created a Snow Angels spreadsheet for any volunteers and service providers that can help or for residents in need of help. If a sidewalk or curb is a barrier to walking or mobility devices, you can ask Community Service Officer, Marty Morgan, for help: m.morgan@cityofhoodriver.gov, (541)387-2761.

    Website live

    Read about all the great things happening around Safe Routes to School. We created a webpage within the School District to talk about the work being done around student education, safer sidewalks, bikeways and trails, volunteer opportunities and special events throughout the year.

    Safety Rodeos in the fall - 17 students learned how to ride a bike!

    This past September through November, Megan Ramey helped 365 students learn how to ride bikes, taught bike safety skills and lead drills in the PE classes at Hood River Middle School, May Street Elementary and Mid Valley Elementary. 17 students ranging from kindergartners, 5th, 6th and 8th graders learned how to ride a bike from scratch! It is one of the most powerful transformational moments to bear witness - you can see freedom and accomplishment realized in their sparkly eyes.

    Starting this March, Megan looks forward to visiting Wy’East, Cascade Locks, Parkdale and Westside Elementary to lead safety rodeos AND take 5th-8th graders on bike rides with their PE teachers.

    After-school club for 5th-8th grade students

    • When: January 2023 - June 2023, Mondays and Fridays from 3:30-5:30pm
      Participation is 1-2 days a week considering the student’s other commitments.
      Summer Club will continue June-Aug 2023 (details TBD)

    • Where: meet in Hood River Middle School classroom, explore around campus and within 1 mile of school by foot or bike

    • Cost: FREE; students can bring their own bikes or use one + helmet supplied by the school

    • What: This club is equal parts choose-your-own-adventure, shop class, engineering, video production and Biker’s Ed. 

    • Sign Up - registration is capped at 20 students. For a waitlist, email megan.ramey@hoodriver.k12.or.us

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    Kids' bike donations needed

    In 2022, over 100 bikes have been donated to students and their caregivers in need.

    Do you or your child need a bike to ride to school? Megan Ramey volunteers with Anson’s Bike Buddies and can source a free bike for families in need; or, for families with means, a nicely used bike for sale. All proceeds from bike sales go to fund the parts we need to repair bikes and feed Anson’s volunteer wrenchers. Email megan@bikabout.com, for more information.

    Have a bike to donate or want to volunteer as a wrencher? Email kyle@bikabout.com

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