• Emergency Preparedness

    The top priority of Hood River County School District is the safety of its students and staff. 
    All school buildings have electronic access control on primary access doors on schedules requested by school administrators with operational access and safety in mind. All other exterior doors remain locked at all times. 
    Oregon law (ORS 336.071) requires “all schools instruct and drill students on emergency procedures so that students can respond to an emergency without confusion or panic…” This includes drills and instruction on fire, earthquake, and safety threats (lockdown, lockout), shelter-in-place, and evacuation. The statute requires schools to spend 30 minutes each school month instructing students on emergency procedures: 
    • Fire drills shall be conducted each month. 
    • At least two drills on earthquakes shall be conducted each year. 
    • At least two drills on safety threats shall be conducted each year.
    Each school within HRCSD has a set schedule to practice these drills every month throughout the school year. HRCSD partners with local agencies on conducting these drills each month.