• Juniors and Sophomores

    Remember that the grades and cumulative gpa that you earn at the end of your junior year are what will be sent to colleges. As you peruse these pages, make time this year for the following to set yourself up for success after high school:

    1. Volunteer. Colleges, trades, and careers are looking for experience. This doesn't have to be experience directly related to the future you want to pursue. Anything that helps show that you are giving back to the community, working with others, gaining new skills, or simply getting out of your comfort zone will be something that you can put on college applications, resumes, and your activities chart. 
    2. Engage. Sports, jobs, activities at your school, connecting with your teachers, coaches, and other school staff will all benefit you in your pursuits after high school. School staff are often the best references for jobs, teachers and counselors write your recommendations for college, and coaches can connect you with schools that are the right fit for you athletically. Work to develop relationships and stay engaged with your school. 
    3. Plan. What classes you take now set you up for what you want to do after high school.  Are you taking the right math classes to prepare you for the college of your choice? Do you need more activities to put on your activities chart? Do you need help passing a class that you know is required for graduation? Meet with your High School Counselor to plan for all the things that you personally need to be successful. Schedule a meeting here.
    4. Test. Junior year is the time to register for the ACT and/or the SAT if you plan to apply to a 4 year college. Visit the college admissions testing link here to learn more about these tests and signing up this year.