• Bond Oversight Committee

    The Bond Oversight Committee is responsible for reviewing the detailed plans and expenditures of the Construction Bond money, so that the public can be assured that the expenditures match the projects that the voters authorized and that these funds are spent wisely.

    The committee also reviews and offers its opinions on bids, but does not have any bid approval authority. The committee does not get into technical issues like design. The committee will advise the Board and administration on communication with the public regarding the use of the construction bond funds. All meetings are public meetings and minutes are kept.

    The following committee members have been appointed by the School Board and Superintendent:

    • Chuck Bugge - Chair
    • Rick Dills
    • Tim Donahue
    • Debbie Dorich
    • Roger Freeborn
    • Camille Freeman
    • Sue Hukari
    • Geri Murray
    • Sue Ryan
    • Ben Sheppard
    • Jim Trammell - Vice Chair
    • Rich Truax

    District Personnel:

    • Charles Beck - Superintendent
    • Nick Hogan - Finance Director
    • Randall Johnston - Facilities Manager
    • Jim Gray - Transportation Manager