• Student Expectations

    P – Perseverance: 

    1. All work must be written in complete sentences. A complete sentence always begins with initial capitalization and ends with appropriate end punctuation.
    2. All polished writing assignments must be in MLA format.
    3. Work not in complete sentences and/or MLA format may be returned ungraded.

    R – Respect:

    1. Refer to me as “Mr. Lorenzen.”
    2. Respect the room and the custodians.
    3. Leave the desks where they were when you came in.

    I – Integrity:

    1. Be nice!
    2. Do your own work. Plagiarism (misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own) is a serious offense. Students who plagiarize will receive a zero for that assignment.  A second offense will result in a disciplinary referral.

    D – Diversity:

    1. Allow others to have their voices heard.
    2. Follow groupwork norms.

    E – Engagement:

    1. Come to class. Do the work.  Hand it in.
    2. Hand in your cell phones.
    3. Bring pencil, paper, and books every day.
    4. Be in your seat when the bell rings.