Course Outline:  ELA 11 A/B (Junior English) 2021-2021

    Hood River Valley High School


    Teacher:  Mr. Lorenzen

    Room:  C-13

    Email: jeff.lorenzen@hoodriver.k12.or.us

    Phone: 386-4500, ext. 4569


    Course Description

    This course is the main Language Arts offering for Juniors at HRVHS.  The class is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  Students will read different American works, write essays in a variety of modes, work on library research and MLA format, and study the fundamentals of English composition.


    Graduation Requirements

    As member of the class of 2023, in order to graduate you are required to A) successfully complete four years of English credits, and B) demonstrate mastery of the Oregon Essential Skills in Reading, Writing, and Math.  This means you need to pass this class (both trimesters) to graduate.  As for the Oregon Essential Skills, many of you will demonstrate mastery by producing a qualifying score on the Smarter Balanced test, or a test such as the Compass, PSAT, or Work Keys for reading.  We will work to prepare for the test.  If you do not earn a qualifying score or do not take the test, you will need to complete passing Work Samples (two in Writing and one in Reading).  You will have at least three opportunities to complete Writing Work Samples in this class.  We will not do a Reading Work Sample in this class.  I can’t help you with math.


    Content Standards for Junior English

    This class will review CCS Standards W.1, W.2, and W.3 in preparation for the writing assessment, and will focus on Standards RL.1, RI.1, W.4, W.5, L.2, L.4, SL.1, and SL.4 throughout the year.


    Major Units of Study

    We have adopted a new curriculum this year and units are still being planned.


    Grading Procedures

    Your grade in this class is based on a simple percentage of points possible.  Assignments include grammar practice and tests, in-class essays, formal essays, speeches, homework questions, and quizzes.  Final exams will be an on demand essay or a speech.



    Tardy Policy:  Tardiness disrupts the flow of the class and is disrespectful of the instructor and the other students.  You will receive a warning after the first and second tardy, a phone call home after the third, and lunchtime detention for the fourth.  Further tardiness will result in discipline referrals.

    Absences:  The meat of this class occurs during class time.  If you miss a class, you may miss a substantial amount of information.  If you miss a class, please check Google Classroom for missing work.


    I have prep period 1, and can usually be found in C-13 or B-9 (the English Office).  I am also available by appointment during lunch and after school.  I am generally not available before school.  If you or your parents have any questions, you can contact me through the school message phones or by sending me an email.


    Student Expectations

    P – Perseverance:  

    1. All work must be written in complete sentences.  A complete sentence always begins with initial capitalization and ends with appropriate end punctuation.
    2. All polished writing assignments must be in MLA format. 
    3. Work not in complete sentences and/or MLA format may be returned ungraded.

    R – Respect:

    1. Refer to me as “Mr. Lorenzen.”
    2. Respect the room and the custodians.
    3. Leave the desks where they were when you came in.

    I – Integrity:

    1. Be kind!
    2. Do your own work.  Plagiarism (misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own) is a serious offense. Students who plagiarize will receive a zero for that assignment.  A second offense will result in a disciplinary referral. 

    D – Diversity:

    1. Allow others to have their voices heard.
    2. Follow groupwork norms.

    E – Engagement:

    1. Come to class.  Do the work.  Hand it in.
    2. Hand in your cell phones.  
    3. Bring pencil, paper, and books every day.  
    4. Be in your seat when the bell rings.  


    Notes of Caution

    The works selected for this class may contain subject matter that is adult in content or may offend certain readers.  References to drug use, violence, sexuality, and racial issues appear in some of the works.


    The temperature in the classrooms of this building varies wildly.  My classroom (C-13) is frequently cold.  I recommend you dress in layers and bring a jacket or blanket.


    Writing Lab

    Ms. Noteboom and Ms. Ramsey run the HRVHS writing labs.  The labs are open for drop-ins.  These labs are an excellent resource for preparing your college admissions essay, drafting papers, conducting research, MLA format, and writing conferences.  You also may be able to complete on demand work samples there.  Be sure to take advantage of them.


    A Note to a Younger Generation

    Cell phones and personal electronics devices are really neat and they have enriched and improved our lives in many ways.  But so have chocolate chip cookies, and I think we can all agree that we shouldn’t sit around all day stuffing our faces with cookies.  I encourage you to learn to put the phone down and disconnect from the internet, at least for 89 minute increments.  Try to be actively involved in your minute to minute life, rather than half-engaged in the world and half-buried in narcissistic social ME-dia and instant information.  Learn to be present.  Those around you will respect and appreciate you for this.