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     Phoenix Theatre/Movement for Theatre TA 148


    Bowe Theatre




     Teacher – Rachel Harry



    Course Description


                Phoenix Theatre is by audition only, and designed to allow advanced level students to apply the principals of the theatre program in a production format. Phoenix Theatre performs at the elementary schools, community festivals, and by special invitation. Using the movement technique developed in Theatre I, II and expounded upon in the Commedia unit in Theatre III/IV, students create and rehearse a full length program. By incorporating the theory of Jean Le Coq, Nike Umoura and classical ballet, students learn the tenets of Physical Theatre. All students will be able to receive college credit through Dual Enrollment with Columbia Gorge Community College. See me for further information.



    Course Outline

    Unit One - Students will rehearse and prepare numbers for the Open House Sept. 16th (Monday)

    Unit Two -Learning and polishing the fall production. This is the carry over show from last spring. We will have performances at Midvalley, Pine Grove and May Street.

    Unit Three - Casting/rehearsals for Phoenix Theatre's Big Show in the Bowe in January. This is a full scale production that often has music and dance components to it. All students will be required to participate in the production. Generally we will use two days during winter break to polish this show. Make every effort to be at these rehearsals if possible.

    Unit Four - Spring production creation and performances. We will go to Parkdale, Westside and perhaps one other school.

    We also will be playing various other venues as come up. This may include The Bite of The Gorge, Saturday Market, gala openings for new buildings etc.



    Student Outcomes


                Students continue to develop group decision making, self discipline and goal making strategies.  Students will continue to learn strategies to stay in good physical condition, and will be expected to lead warm-ups.  Students will learn comedic timing, physical comedy and whatever skills necessary to perform for the audiences in a variety of venues.  Students will learn the behind scenes skills necessary to move sets, sound, props and costumes to different locations, and keep such equipment in good working condition.



    Students will keep a journal of the class, with choreography, blocking notes and rehearsal thoughts included. 
     Students will be expected to attend every class and rehearsal of Phoenix Theatre.

                Students will be expected to maintain passing grades in every class, so that they will be able to perform as the schedule dictates.


                All students will be expected to maintain a professional attitude at all times and treat everyone with respect and care.


                All students will strive to develop their skills to the best of their abilities, and to rehearse in a diligent fashion until the desired results are achieved.


                All students will carry their own weight, and not expect others to do their work for them.




                You represent some of the finest students in the HRV Theatre Program.  As such you are my ambassadors and your behavior and actions reflect on us all.  Please remember this responsibility at all times, and you will go far.