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    Multimedia Syllabi

    Classroom Rules for Room C09 (For ALL Classes)       
    1. No Horseplay/Stay on Task
    2. No Food/Drinks
    3. Leave Room ONLY with permission
    4. Printing ONLY with instructor’s permission
    5. No Cell Phones (should be out of sight)
    6. Show RESPECT for yourself and others
    7. Show RESPECT for the equipment
    8. Keep your area clean
    9. Don’t use the computer’s speakers unless asked
    10. *No INAPPROPRIATE material allowed
    11. *Proper use of the computer, network, and Internet ONLY
    12. Be a good student- Attend class, have a good attitude, and complete projects
    13. Use Common Sense

    Any violation of the above may result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning to loss of privileges and/or being removed from the class.

    *See “Appropriate Material and Internet/Network Use Guidelines” sheet for a more defined definition.