• Nutritional Information

    There have been many studies that have found school lunches to be more nutritionally dense than lunches brought from home. Hood River County School Food Service is committed to providing nutritious meals that our students enjoy.

    1. Hamburger buns, sandwich bread and hoagie rolls served at our schools are all whole grain rich. 
    2. Rice being served at the schools is brown rice.
    3. Salad bar is offered with every lunch.  The salad bar always has salad mix, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, apples and oranges, along with other choices on a rotating basis.
    4. When margarine is used or offered it has no trans fats.
    5. Wraps when offered are whole wheat tortillas and brown rice.
    6. We have decreased dessert and chip offerings and when they are offered we look for low sugar and baked alternatives.
    7. Corn dogs are low fat with a whole grain coating.
    8. Fries and tots are offered on a limited basis and are baked not fried.
    9. School meals meet the USDA nutritional guidelines of 30% fat, with 10% or less from saturated fat. Other key nutrients that meet the guidelines include protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and C.

     HRCSD Nutrition Services