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    If you want to find anything on the Internet, you need a search engine. Search engines are programs that search the Internet for user selected keywords or phrases and display lists of sites (URL's) that contain the words and phrases the user entered. All search engines are not equal. Some are more powerful than others and not all of them search in exactly the same way. Given any particular keywords, some will return few or no listings while others may return many listings. Some are strictly search engines whereas others, like Yahoo, are sites that offer a host of other features as well. Check out the help features of the engine you are using to see the most effective way to enter keywords or subjects and perform the best searches.
    Google:  a very simple search engine highly rated for speed and effectiveness.
    Yahoo:  A well established and popular site which started as a search engine but now includes all kinds of services and features
    Yahoo en Español: Identical to Yahoo but entirely in Spanish.
    Ask.com:   a plain English search engine, Jeeves allows the user to enter a question and returns some optional sources that may lead the user to the answer.
    Spanish in Our Libraries:  Includes not only links to the internet but also access to a Spanish language library and other services.
    Mexico Web: Another Spanish language search engine with additional features.
Last Modified on November 6, 2015