Parenting and Academic Links
    New Diploma Requirements
    The New Diploma Requirements page is a link to the Oregon Department of Education page on the new requirements for high school graduation.  All students entering Hood River Valley High School will be required to complete additional and more rigorous academic coursework.  Math and Science will now require three years of coursework.  Math at the algebra level or higher will only be considered for high school credit.
    Creating A College Culture At Hood River Middle School
    A new goal at Hood River Middle School will be to create the expectation that all of our kids will attend college after high school graduation.  We will use the word "college" but that define it as any educational experience that occurs at the post-secondary level.  The below link will take you the ASPIRE website.  ASPIRE is a program that is used at Hood River Valley High School to help students and families navigate through the financial and application process involved in college applications.  We are starting a modified version of this program at Hood River Middle School this year.
    Parenting in the Digital Age
    You are in the majority if you are finding difficulty striking the balance between allowing access to the amazing wealth of information instantly availble and guiding your kids to make thoughtful and wise choices in the digital age.  I encourage you to use Commonsense Media.  This amazing resources has movie, book, video game, and website reviews as well as parenting help, cell phone contracts, and resources to teach digital literacy.