• 7th Grade ELA intervention

    Mrs. Redmond

    Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. ~ Sir Richard Steele


    ELA intervention is a class that is designed to help students improve in their reading comprehension and basic writing skills.


    Online Resource:  iReady online tutorials & assessments (online login information same as below)


    Please note that you must login CLEVER HRCSD page.

    Do not just Google iReady and try to log in.



    Username: firstname.lastname

    Password:  00 + student ID #






    Supplies needed for this class: You will need pens and pencils, your Student Planner, and a book you are currently reading.


    Code of Conduct: There are three guiding principles in my classroom: Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Respectful. This includes coming to class prepared with needed materials and completed work, actively participating in class, displaying a positive attitude, and allowing yourself and others to share ideas openly and make mistakes safely.


    Grading Criteria:

    • Time on Task (50%) – a minimum of 45 minutes weekly spent on iReady lessons
    • Quiz Passing Rate (50%) – an overall percentage of completed lessons with a passing (70%) score


    Rewards of the Program!

    Students will leave this program with several benefits, including growth in their reading comprehension, vocabulary development and basic writing skills. However, it is based on your willingness to learn! The amount of effort put in is a direct reflection of how much you will grow.


    Web Site: Hood River County School District has an excellent website that includes information about our district, each school, and all teachers. On the HRMS website on my teacher page, I will post various information, assignments, and resources throughout the year. Please familiarize yourself with this resource.


    Communication: The best way to contact me is by e-mail; however, a phone call is also an option.

    Email: michelle.redmond@hoodriver.k12.or.us          

    HRMS phone: 386-2114 ext. 3961


    I look forward to sharing this year with each of you!    ~ Mrs. Redmond


    I have read through the expectations of this class and understand what is expected of me.




    (Student’s printed name)




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