• Wy'east Parent Handbook...

    The Wy'east Parent Handbook will be the most useful resource for parents as they support their students in the use of their Wy'east Student Planner. Included in the Parent Handbook is virtually all the information parents need to support their student's experience at Wy'east.
    Every student is issued a planner at the beginning of the school year.  Students use the planner to record assignments and due dates in the calendar section.  School policies, rules and guidelines are also included in the planner.  Any lost handbooks may be replaced with a $5 fee.
    Parents and students would greatly benefit from reading the sections that include the school's policies rules and guidelines ensure awareness of the expectations of students at Wy'east. 
    To view the contents of the parent handbook, click on the "WYMS Parent Handbook" link in the window to the left.
    If you have any questions regarding the school's policies, rules and guidelines, please feel free to contact the Principal or Vice Principal at the school.