Medication Dispensing for Students...

    Students are not allowed to be in possession of medication at school. A Medication
    Administration release form is required before we can give your student ANY medication, prescribed and non-prescribed. All medication MUST be in its newest original container with an accurate label. Medication forms are available at the school office to be filled out by the student's parent/guardian. You can also download the attachment to print and fill out. Once the form is submitted and the medication is brought to the office in it's original container, office staff will be allowed to administer the medication as needed. A medication log will be maintained noting each time the student receives his/her medication.


    • Medication is to be brought to and returned from the school by the parent.


    • It's the parent's responsibility to ensure that an adequate amount of medication is
            on hand for the duration of the student's need to take the medication.
    • It's the parent's responsibility to ensure that the school is informed in writing of any

            changes in medication instructions.


    • Medication not picked up by the parent at the end of the school year or within 5

            days of the end of the medication period, whichever is earlier, will be disposed of.



    Medication Administration Form (ENG)