• Transportation

    Transportation Phone: 541-354-1388


    Operations Office Manager: Cindy Beth
    Email: cindy.beth@hoodriver.k12.or.us



    Student transportation to and from school is a privilege provided by the school district to students living within the district boundaries. Students on inter-district transfers are not eligible for district provided bus transportation. Students at bus stops are subject to the same rules as when riding the bus. Students who are exhibiting disruptive behavior may lose their riding privilege. 

    To find out more about Bus Transportation, Bus Behavior, and Bus Disciplinary Procedures, click here.

    2021-22 School Year Bus Routes
    Families who requested transportation were sent a message with the times, locations, and bus numbers for their students for the 2021-22 school year. If families have any questions about bus routes, they may contact their neighborhood school office. 
    Transportation Handbook
    The transportation handbook provides clear and consistent information to the transportation department.  The handbook is developed and maintained in collaboration with OSEA representation, drivers, and the Operations Director.  For questions about the Transportation Handbook, please contact the transportation office.
    Request form for unsupervised K/1 drop-off at bus stop
    Parents/guardians must fill out the Bus Permission form if they request an unsupervised drop-off (please note that parents must provide the supervision or make arrangements). Otherwise, students will not be dropped off with no supervision
    Transportation Handbook