• Board Goals

    2017-2018 Goals for the HRCSD Board of Directors:

    Goal 1: Increase Academic Growth and Success

    • Increase the percent of all HRCSD students proficient in literacy and math.
    • Decrease the achievement gap between Hispanic and White students in literacy.
    • Increase the percent of Hispanic students graduating on time.

    Goal 2: Improve and Maintain the Public Trust

    • Adopt a sustainable budget that supports the priorities and goals in the HRCSD 20/20 Vision and that, by the end of the 2017-18 school year, has a minimum of 8 percent of general fund expenditures in ending fund balance to address increased associated payroll costs (PERS/Health), emergencies and potential decreases in federal, state, or local revenues.
    • Bond projects will be on or under budget.
    • The District will earn its 4th consecutive “unmodified opinion” from external auditors.

    Goal 3: Support Excellent Staff Focused on Student Success

    • Maintain and deepen opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.
    • Increase and retain the number of bilingual staff members.

    Goal 4: Ensure Positive, Safe, and Inclusive Learning Environment
    • IIncrease the percent of students attending school regularly.
    • xpand the curricular options for students at-risk for dropping out and who have already disengaged from the county public school system.
    • Enhance Positive Behavior Support programming.
    • Ensure preparedness for emergencies.