• Click on the link to hear the alpha-friend's song.
    A Andy Apple                          
    B Benny Bear                           
    C Callie Cat                                           
    D Dudley Duck                         
    E Edna Elephant                        
    F Fifi Fish                                  
    G Gertie Goose                        
    H Hattie Horse                         
    I Iggy Iguana                              
    J Jumping Jill                          
    K Keely Kangaroo                     
    L Larry Lion                                                  
    M Mimi Mouse                         
    N Nyle Noodle                                          
    O Ozzie Octopus                  
    P Pippa Pig                                 
    Q Queenie Queen                     
    R Reggie Rooster                     
    S Sammy Seal                             
    T Tiggy Tiger                            
    U Umbie Umbrella                   
    V Vinny Volcano                        
    W Willy Worm                           
    X Mr. X-ray                            
    Y Yetta Yo-Yo